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Hello Travel Affiliate Program (FAQs)

Q. What is Hellotravel?
Ans. We are the largest pay per seen lead platform you have never heard of. We connect genuine travelers looking for agents to plan their holidays.

Q. What is your affiliate program?
Ans. It is a unique program in which you get paid for all leads that are sold by us and on all transactions against each lead.

Q. How does your system work?
Ans. We allow each lead to be bought by up to 4 travel agents which means enhanced revenue per lead i.e. you get revenue each time a lead is bought by an agent.

Q. Who can join?
Ans. There are no eligibility criteria as such. All you need is a potential source to generate genuine leads. However, our team reviews each application before approving membership with us. It typically takes less than 48 hours to review your application.

Q. How do I join?
Ans. Fill the required form & apply now.

Q. How much will I earn through this program?
Ans. Leads get sold for anywhere between $2 to $20, which means that you have an opportunity to make handsome earnings. Our affiliate partners, on an average, earn anywhere in excess of $1000 per month.
Some of our top partners earn upwards of $10,000 per month.

Q. How do I add website to my account?
Ans. After login, go to Manage Website section. This is the place where you can add the URL of your site.

Q. Can I add multiple sites to my account?
Ans. Yes, as many as you wish to.

Q. What kind of sites can I add?
Ans. You can add any kind of site that has quality content in it. This includes portals, blogs, platforms etc.

Q. How do I generate the Hello Travel form code?
Ans. Go to Generate Form section in your account.
Select the Form Layout, Size, Language and Destination coountry to see the preview.
Adjust the colors and the Title/subtitle in the form to suit your website/ blog .

You will also be able to see the preview on the right-hand side as you make changes. The codes on the right-hand side changes instantly as you make the changes. When you are done, just copy-paste the code into your website.

Q. Can I customize the form to suit the look of my site?
Ans. Yes, everything can be customized.

Q. How do I add the form on my Site?
Ans. Once you generate the form code, all you need to do is to place that code at a visible position on your website. We suggest our form should be visible within 2 scrolls of the middle mouse button.

Q. How do I monitor the performance of my sites? Also, how do I monitor my revenue?
Ans. Your account will carry all the information that you require to judge the performance of your site and also your revenue. All these get updated in real-time. These would include:

Enquiries Received - Leads received from your website(s) in real-time.

Enquiries Sales Report - Number of unique leads sold, number of transactions for each lead and your earnings from every sold lead.

Payment Detail Report - Payments that have been made to you including payment amount, payment mode and date of payment. This section will also display the reversal (amount deducted for fake leads, if any).

Q. How do I receive payment?
Ans. The payment will be made through NEFT / Cheque (for affiliates in India) and PayPal / Wire transfer (for affiliates outside India).

Q. What is your payment schedule?
Ans. The payment is made once every month. Our billing cycle runs from 26th of a month to 25th of the next month.

Q. What is the threshold amount for release of payment?
Ans. For Affiliates in India, the threshold is INR 500. For affiliates outside India, the threshold is INR 1,000. If your earnings do not cross the threshold, it will keep accumulating till the threshold is crossed and then the payment will be released in the next billing cycle.

Q. How do I change my email address or Payee name?
Ans. If you want to change the registered email id with us, send a mail to affiliates@hellotravel.com from your current email id. The same goes for changing the Payee name.

Q. What if I need to contact you?
Ans. You may drop a mail at affiliates@hellotravel.com or call us at +91- 9873091961 for any requirements.