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  • Make Money from your Website
  • get upto 100% of the realised amount of an enquiry
  • Attractive remuneration models
  • Paypal, Cheque, NEFT Transfer, online transfer, direct deposit.
  • Advance tracking and reporting
  • Versatile and Comprehensive report of generation, sales and earning is provided
  • Dedicated affiliate support
  • For smooth care free integrations, reports, FAQ’s, Paid Marketing Support
  • Regular monthly payments
  • We release affiliate payments within 30 days.
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What we give to our Affilates...

HelloTravel.com has developed customizable enquiry-form widgets where you can select size, colour, font and heading according to the theme of your website. You can also track the conversion from this widget in your analytics accounts like Analytics, StatCounter, Omniture etc. Lead capturing widgets uses a single light-weight javascript and is available on our cloud server so that your website loading time remains the same.

Integrating this enquiry-form widget is very similar to integrating adsense unit on your webpage. Just select your options, generate the form-code, and put it in the right place of your website. On affiliates demand we have also created the widget in 300x250 pixels size so that you can take its advantage by using minimum real estate of your website.

If you are not willing to include our Lead Capturing Widget (enquiry form) on all your website pages, then HelloTravel provides an alternative solution. Our Call to Action Banners and text links are specially made for you, keeping in mind the affiliates website.

We have designed banners in common available sizes in accordance to suit the layout of every web page. Our time-tested call to action banners are aimed at efficient utilization of space available.

Other than banners we also have text links for our affiliates that can easily be merged with the content on their web page.

You can opt for any of the text links or banners as per your convenience to get your visitors immediately linked to the landing page with lead generation form. This will assist in efficient utilization of your website and will easily direct your visitors to the respective link as well.

We provide ready-made landing pages to our affiliates so that they don't have to put their effort on creating a perfect landing page with highest conversion rate. We want our affiliates to focus on bringing travlers on their landing page by different internet markeing strategies.

These landing pages were created after doing lot of testing of images, texts, and colors with respect to their placement, and position on the page which resulted in an average conversion rate of more than 10% under perfect conditions.

Affiliates need to ask for these landing pages once their account get approved.

Researchers estimate that United States firms alone spent US $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011 and will grow to $2.468 billion in 2016.Email markeing is a cost effective medium of communication which makes it one of the best marketing media, but always remember - More power brings more responsibility. So use your opt-in database for promotion effectively.

Hellotravel provides attractive emailers containing necessary call to action details about our program which has high click through rate and open rate, so that you don't have to use your resources in creating the best newsletters. We want our affiliates to focus on strategising on best time and frequency at which they can send newsletters to their opt-in email database.

What Affilates say...
  • Initially we were a bit hesitant to join Hellotravel partner progem, but later we decided to give it a try; and today we are relaxed and pleased.

    -Akhilesh Sharma